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Taglia: 30-50CM
Tipi di: aeromobili
Posiziona di Origine: F
Per le persone: limitato Ragazze Ragazzi
Caratteristica speciale : un pulsante di ritorno Il magazzinamento ad alta fretta
Corridoio: Canale 4
Materiale del giocattolo: ABS
Chi e Copercchio: design
Tempo di Patee voli Applicazione: 2018
Guida ad Shopping Tablet Video: Sì
Remotely : Maniglia
Specificamente per il Traduttore Frontale: non
3C Configurazione di Catene : Oltre 14 anni Giocattoli
Peso di Decollo: 0-250 g (libero)
Altitudine massima: da 0 a 120 M (incluso)
Peso Svuota: 0-1,5 kg (incluso)

Packing size: 28.8×19.5×7.3cm

Package weight: 620g

Remote control distance: about 100M

Flight time: 8-10 minutes

Battery capacity: 3.7V 1000mAh25c

Remote control battery: 3*AA

Package contents: aircraft*1, remote control*1, USB charging cable*1, screwdriver, protection frame*4, battery*1, fan blade*4 (spare 2A pieces + 2B pieces), fan blade cap*4, wifi manual*1, manual*1

Product Features:                                         

1. The aircraft has functions of ascending, descending, hovering, forward, backward, left turn, right turn, left fly, right fly, four sides roll in the air, headless mode, one key return, fixed height function.

2. With wifi function, it can be connected to APP and APK system to take photos and videos, and the camera images can be transmitted in real time via mobile phones.

3. The aircraft can be folded for easy carrying.

4. The modular battery is more convenient to replace.

5. The aircraft has low power protection and overcurrent protection, and the aircraft can fly flexibly and stably; the performance of the aircraft can be fine-tuned through the mobile phone APP to ensure normal functions

6. The aircraft body is made of high-strength and drop-resistant engineering plastics, which is drop-resistant and durable. Built-in six-axis gyroscope, flying smoothly and smoothly

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Packing size: 28.8×19.5×7.3cm

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