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Formato: 30cm o meno
Tipi di: Elicottero
Posiziona di Origine: F
Per persone: senza limiti
Aisle: 3,5 Canale
Materiale Giocattolo: lega
Abilità: Formazione delle capacità Cervello manuale della Coordinaggio dell'occhio di Coordinabilità Giocattoli Interattivo Comunicazione genitori e-figlio Interesse Formazione
C'è un Shopping Guida video: No
Metodo di controllo remoto: maniglia
È per Traduttore Foresta?: No
3C Configurazione Categoria: Giocattoli da 14 anni
Decollo: 0-250 g (exclude)
Altezza di volo: 0 ~ 120 metri (incluso)
Peso dell'aria: 0-1,5 kg (incluso)
Età adatta: giovani (15-35 anni)
Charging Time: 60-90min
Color: Blac/blue
Flight Time: About 25min
Remote Control Battery: 3AA battery (self-provided)
Remote Control Distance: 30m
Spread Wings Size: 20*24*10.5cm
– Air pressure fixed height:
No need for throttle to control altitude, the aircraft hovering in the air by itself. Whether you are a novice or a beginner, you can easily master flying skills.
– Alloy material:
The gold-framed airframe is flexible but sturdy, reducing the weight of the aircraft to a greater extent and making the flight more stable and rapid.
– 2.4G wireless technology:
Using 2.4GhZ high-frequency wireless remote control technology, the remote control distance can reach 50m without interference from magnetic fields.
– Balance system:
The tail-locking gyroscope sensor can effectively correct the aircraft's deflection correction ability, so that the aircraft can fly more stably, making the flight more free and joyful.
– "Invisible" switch:
The switch on the side of the fuselage, long press for two seconds and then release it, it can be turned on/off without affecting the appearance, and it is not afraid of light touch causing the switch to fail.

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Charging Time: 60-90min

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